“Shades of green and aqua blue
The sea painted in thousand hues
Beneath thundering ocean wave”

Debi Fields

This is the result of three girls having a crazy idea and just doing it.

When Ami and I read that Maya would be up on Rügen in January, we started planning our trip up there.

It was cold, we were freezing, but we made it and this is it. During this short trip my mind started a journey, a journey to find myself again. It was the start of something that is so huge I can’t put it into words yet, of something that I want to express through my pictures. Not specifically through this series, but through my body of work as a whole. But for now, enjoy this series.

Idea: Amornrat Photography, Unsichtbar, Katharina Schnee | Model: UnsichtbarDress: Irene Klassen | Location: Sellin, Rügen



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