I'm twenty-something, currently living in Cologne, left my heart in London, my soul is fed by the ocean and delicious food.

I'm a nightingale (yes, I sing .. well not only at night), if I wasn't a photographer, I'd be a musician. I love black and white and I love blur.

Keep reading for my philosophy, scroll down for my favourites!

I believe in H O M E. 
Being home, feeling home, having a home.

I spent my whole life dedicating it to art in basically all its ways. And I guess I will continue to do that until I die. Why? I'm not too sure, it's just my T H I N G. Maths, science, technical terms - all those things are things I've never been good at my entire life. I admire people who are good at this, because my brain just doesn't function that way. Logic is out of my league. I make decisions based on my experiences, based on what I see and based on how I feel.

Art is M Y home. It makes me feel secure, at home, at ease. It lets me breathe, connect and understand. Home isn’t a place or a person. Home is a feeling. It's a feeling of comfort and safety. And I believe that everyone of us doesn't only have that O N E home. We all have several.

I believe in I M P E R F E C T I O N S.
I'm not perfect either.

I also believe in imperfections. Why? Because let's be real here for a second - no one is perfect. And that's totally fine. I crossed paths with imperfections many times and I made them my own. Blurry pictures are my favourites. They sometimes have so much more emotions in them than any sharp picture will ever have. But that's just my two cents :)

When you decide to get M A R R I E D...
you’ve found someone that is your home.

You’ve found someone who makes you feel comfortable, safe and loved. How beautiful is that? On your wedding day you decide to promise each other to stay by one another in good and bad times.

You also have a lot to decide when it comes down to your wedding. I know, you want it to be beautiful. But for me, in the first place it should be about the two of YOU. Not anyone else. Just you. And just the way you are. No forced traditions, no forced invitations to people you don’t even want at your wedding. Maybe you even want to elope? Hella yeah for that!

I am a person who loves to remember, who loves to see things again. Because let’s face it – the cake and the delicious food will be eaten, your suit and your dress will be locked up in your closet, all the decoration will be cleaned up, the flowers will fade and dry.

The pictures and videos are (apart from your own memory) the things that remain. People come and go, they die and moments rarely ever repeat. That’s why pictures are such a wonderful treasure. Please listen to your heart and don’t run away from numbers (yeah, I know, I was afraid of numbers as well when I was in school … :D)

My Things music
light, sun & summer
netflix (and I regret nothing)
the ocean
London / England