Twenty-something, currently based near Cologne but I left my heart in London and England. My soul is fed by the ocean, sunsets and delicious food. I live for the wind to tangle up my hair, the salty smell of the sea and my favourite colour is the sky.

If I wasn't a photographer, I'd probably be a musician or I'd work as a fashion journalist. I prefer black and white and blurry images over anything else.

Fun fact: my number one happy place is the V&A in London.

Keep reading for my philosophy.


I spent my whole life dedicating it to art in all its ways. No matter if it was singing, dancing, painting, acting or photography - it always made me feel whole. I guess, if one day for some reason I can't be artistic anymore, it will be the end of me, because it's really the only thing I'm good at haha. I'm not sure why I'm wired like this. Logic is out of my league. Maths, science, technical terms - things I despise and run away from, if I can. I don't care about numbers, I don't care about how many megapixels my camera has, I don't care how many different programmes for photo editing there are and I have barely have a clue what my computer is capable of. But you know, I'm fine with it. I know what I need in order to create and for my vision to come alive. That's all I care about.

I believe in H O M E. 
Being home, feeling home, having a home.

Art is M Y home. It makes me feel secure, at home, at ease. It lets me breathe, connect and understand. Home isn’t a place or a person. Home is a feeling. It's a feeling of comfort and safety. And I believe that everyone of us not only has O N E home. We all have several. If I had to call a place my home, it's London for sure. If I had to call a person my home, it's my grandma. 

I believe in I M P E R F E C T I O N S.
I'm not perfect either.

I also believe in imperfections. Why? Because let's be real here for a second - no one is perfect. And that's totally fine. I crossed paths with imperfections many times and I made them my own. Blurry pictures are my favourites. They sometimes have so much more emotion in them than any sharp picture will ever have. But that's just my two cents :) 

Nobody is perfect, everyone has their imperfections and they're beautiful. They make you unique. They make you YOU. Embrace them. That's what I try to do. And I feel so much better about myself since I started doing it. 

I'm loud and I'm quiet, I'm patient and I'm impatient, I'm chaotic and I'm organised. Sometimes I'm brave and open and other times I'm very scared and shy. I'm a weirdo and I'm boring. I love music and movie scores, I'm that crazy person to stay awake all night when it's Oscar Night. 

I want to E A R N your trust.
I don't want to just have it.

What I mean by that is the following: with my whole body of work I want to convince you, I want to show you my abilities, my vision. I want you to know how I see and how I feel. I want to show you that you can indeed trust me on getting beautiful pictures taken no matter what. I want you to really look through my work and let your trust grow with every picture. Please deal with my work, please let me know what you like or dislike about it. I'm not a fan of huge lists, so it's important to me that you know what I'm doing is letting my vision come to life. It's a process. Please let me earn and have your trust.

T I M E runs fast.
Live, love and understand.

Time runs. The older we get, the faster it runs. My dad used to tell me all the time when I was a child, even when I was a teenager. And as soon as I hit the magic number of 18, I immediately knew what he was talking about. I looked at my little brother, who is 12 years younger than me, and I was stunned. Now he's 12 himself and I can't believe where time went. While he was growing up we took tons of pictures and I love to look at them as much as I love to look at photographs from my childhood or even before my time. 
During christmas time I always open up our huge drawer that is massively filled with images from the past. And I spend a whole night looking at them and sorting them - with tears in my eyes and a big smile on my face.

My Things music
light, sun & summer
netflix (and I regret nothing)
the ocean
London / England