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“Amazing still it seems, I’ll be 23. I won’t always love what I’ll never have. I won’t always live in my regrets.”

– Jimmy Eat World

Here we go. 23.

Twenty-three years have I witnessed on this beautiful planet earth. Well, more or less beautiful planet. I think us humans destroyed a pretty good amount of it and we keep going – it makes me sad. But that’s another story.

It’s my birthday today! *throws confetti*

I can’t believe it’s that time of the year again.

I don’t like celebrating my birthday. Not because I’m scared of ageing, but rather because I don’t like being centre of attention very much. But I love seeing my friends and spending time with them, so that’s why I invited them over for a little barbecue and chill in our garden.

You may wonder why I chose the Jimmy Eat World quote for this blogpost. Well, it reminds me on my teenage years, when I used to listen to this song a lot. I think I was 15 when I first heard it in the background of a TV Show. And every time I have a deja vu to the time when I was 15. How I felt, how I saw life, how I talked and how I behaved.

I guess, I came a long way since then. I mean, it’s been eight years. I have changed. A lot.

Every thing that I have been through in the past eight years has shaped me into the woman that I am now and I don’t regret anything. Not a single decision I have made, not any friendship I have gained or lost. I think every thing happened for a reason. I have changed into a person, that always tries to see the good in a situation, that always tries to stay calm and just make the best out of it. It helped me to live a healthier life 🙂

I thought maybe it’s interesting for you guys to get to know me a little better.

Well, as for the start – you now know how old I am ;D
People are always very surprised when I tell them my age. I don’t really know why, my friends say it’s because I think and behave like a 40-year-old. Not too sure if it’s a compliment though … 😀

I’m a controversial person. I’m an extroverted introvert. Or an introverted extrovert?

I’m loud and I’m quiet. I’m impatient and I’m patient. I’m chaotic and I’m organised (in my mess). I can be brave and I can also be very shy. I have a weird obsession with Ed Sheeran(‘s music) and also I cannot understand my obsession for it on some days. I’m a weirdo and I’m boring at the same time. Sometimes I like being boring a lot more than being extra unique. Not saying being unique is wrong – it’s not. It’s what makes us different from each other. I have some self-confidence issues, but then again I have faith in myself on so many levels. It’s crazy. I’m crazy. But you know, that’s okay. Because we all are in a way. I love Disney movies so much you could think I just turned three instead of twenty-three. I sing and hum almost the whole day and I annoy people with it – I don’t care, because music is beautiful. I love movies and their scores, I’m that crazy person that stays up all night and watch the Oscars. Netflix is my guilty pleasure and I don’t make a big secret out of it.

I love being alone, but I hate being lonely. I love the loud sounds of the city, but I also love silence. I love the sea, it calms me down, but I’m also very scared of it.

As you can see, there are a lot of things that I don’t understand. I mean, I understand them – I just don’t get why both things apply to me, you know. I guess, we all have those parts in us that are controversial sometimes. I’m not afraid to show them.

Oh and there’s one more thing you need to know about me – I love penguins. I mean just look at them, they’re the cutest!

When I was in London by the end of June, Doris took this picture of me – I sincerely like it (trust me it’s not easy to find a picture that I find decent):