faq1To clear up any questions you might have…

>> Why should we pick YOU as our wedding photographer? <<

I get where this question is coming from, but I’m not a person that brags a lot, so my answer to this question is simple: if you like what I do, if we have common values, if you like me as a person and if we get a long, why shouldn’t we give this a go? 🙂

>> Do you only work in Cologne or Germany? <<

No, I’ll come with you wherever you want. Just make sure that some fees (travel expenses, hotel room etc.)  may apply, if you decide to fly me in to your wedding or want me to come with you outside of Germany.

>> What happens after we write you an e-mail? <<

I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible! It usually takes up to 24-48h until you have a response from me in your inbox. Please note that this may vary if I’m in my busy season or if I’m abroad. After that we usually set up a date for a little Skype-Date or a dinner/coffee/tea/whatever you like to talk about you as a couple and your wedding day!

>> Do you only shoot weddings? <<

I used to do portrait sessions in the past, but now I decided concentrate on weddings completely.


faq2>> How about Engagement Shoots or After Wedding Shoots? <<

HELL YES! I’m so into that!
Engagement Shoots are great for you to get to know how I work and how it is to be in front of a camera. Plus you can use the images e.g. for your invitations.
After Wedding Shoots are great as well, especially if your wedding day was rainy or you have a special spot that the two of you love but was too far away from your wedding location. We can also take a car or catch a plane and go somewhere else and do great stuff!

>> How long does it take until we get our photos and how do we get them? <<

It usually takes up to two weeks until you get your online gallery. This gallery doesn’t include all of your images, but it’s great to send around to your family and to your guests.
After 4 – 5 weeks after your wedding day, you’ll receive a little package from me with 50 prints and a USB-Drive with all of your pictures in Hi-Res.

>> How many pictures do you deliver? <<

I deliver 250-500, depending on how long I’ll be there to capture your day, how many guests are attending and how full your wedding day schedule is.

Can we order additional prints? What about Wedding Albums?

I’m not a huge fan of selling prints, so I will just share a few high quality labs with you where you can order prints yourself. I don’t have developing equipment at home so … 🙂
As for Wedding Albums – YES! Huge fan of photo albums in general. If you’re interested in ordering albums, just tell me and we’ll talk about it.