Darling, just hold my hand. Be my girl, I’ll be your man. I see my future in your eyes.

-Ed Sheeran

It’s here, their day is here.

Can you imagine how excited I’ve been for this day? Well, considering I’ve only know them for a little bit more than a year, it’s pretty unusual to be this excited, but that’s just how it is.


In Iceland!

Ever since we met online (thanks Nadia for bringing people together!), we got a long really well. These two sweethearts are amazingly talented photographers themselves – check out their website here.

This is an open loveletter to these two, so scroll past this, if you want to see the pictures 🙂

Dear Dominique, dear Robin,

it’s been a year and I’ve been saving your engagement shoot to post on your wedding day.

Do you remember how you first ran past me, because you thought you were late and had me waiting when instead Google maps just fooled you? I do! Your smiles were as bright as the sun, when you recognized me and we hugged for the first time. We then had some amazing burrito bowls (even though we could barely finish them, because it was a lot to eat haha) and you asked me so many questions, because you were so eager to dive into this whole photography thing. I knew, you guys would be huge one day. I knew, you’d make it. I knew you’ll get tons of bookings. And even though it was a long journey to get to the point where you guys are now, I am so proud of you. I’ve never lost faith in you, your beliefs, your values and most importantly – your love for each other. 
It was the same thing, when we met again in Aachen and had some more delicious mexican food. I guess, mexican food is our thing then ;D 

Thank you for coming all the way to Cologne to meet me for this shoot, have tons of laughs with me, let me take pictures of you and just have a good time. And also that huge gift bag you gave me afterwards – still don’t know how I deserved that one but I still have everything and I lohooove that cup!

I can’t wait to have another burrito bowl with you, when you come back from your little adventure. 

Love, Kate

P.S. Since I know you made the great choice of picking this Ed Sheeran Song as your first dance, I used it for this blogpost <3