“Kate, what are you doing on April 1st and 2nd?”
“Nothing yet, why?”
“Ok, keep it that way, we’re going to visit Sergej.”

This is how it started. And the pictures are the way it ended.

It was early in the morning, I barely slept the night before, I had absolutely no clue what to expect from this adventure.
I’ve learnt a lot that weekend. Not about photography, not about technical skills, not about presets.

I learnt about myself.

It’s kind of weird. You know all those parts are in you, you know they’re THERE, but maybe you’re too scared to let them out. Maybe you’re ashamed. Maybe you’re thinking too much. Or maybe it’s all of it.

I have changed in the past few months. I mean, we constantly do and that’s okay. But on that weekend I’ve finally realized – I KNOW WHO I AM. I know what I love. I know how to communicate it with my pictures. It’s just that no one has told me yet that I successfully made it happen – what I’ve always had in mind and in sight.

Success is not about money or fame for me, it’s about being happy and achieving your personal goals.

These pictures have some different aspects in them. We had a task: “Take a picture you’ve never taken before” – that’s what this series is about. And hella yes, blurry pictures are my favourite! The blur was used on purpose in this series.

Thank you HA48. I love you guys. You knew me better than I knew myself when you described my self-portrait that night.

Thank you Desi & Thomas for being amazing, for having endless fun, for being free, for being beautifully in love and for forgetting the world around you, because you believe in each other. You and your love are exceptional.